Bathing Your Pet Guinea Pig

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Instructional video showing how to properly bathe your pet guinea pig. This is the full length version. A shorter length version of this instructional video is available at our YouTube channel.

About us:
Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in San Diego, CA. We are volunteers devoted to the rescue, care, and adoption of small animals.

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If you have questions about your guinea pig, please visit our youtube channel page for some links to helpful web sites.

About this movie …
The cute guinea pig who is in this video is one just the many, many, guinea pigs which were rescued and adopted over the last several years, by Wee Companions Small Animal Adoptions in San Diego, California. The reason we have to rescue them is because all-too-often, people bring home new pets without first considering the time, cost, and responsibilities of owning pets. Please consider these things before you make a purchase of, or adopt any pet. “Cutie” , the guinea pig in this movie, was later adopted into a happy permanent home.

Thank you,

WC Staff

Today is Cutie’s bath day. She gets bathed about once a month. Let’s
see how she does today.

The water is nice and tepid, so it feels nice and comfortable.

We make sure she gets thoroughly wet. We gently make sure the fur
around her face is nice and wet, and, most importantly, underneath.

She pretends she doesn’t like this, but I think she does.

When she’s thoroughly wet, it’s time for the shampoo, and we use a
simple baby shampoo so it doesn’t sting her eyes.

We put the baby shampoo all the way down Cutie’s back, and we also put
some on our fingers and rub on the sides and we begin to gently
massage through to the skin, cleaning.

This is a good opportunity to feel her skin and check for lumps and
bumps and anything unusual that’s going on.

We massage down the body. We try not to get too much soap in the ears.
We also massage the little feet to make sure they’re clean, too. We do
the arm pits and the belly. And the groin areas. She doesn’t seem to
mind this, does she?

We massage all the way down the back, and we include the back feet.
This is another opportunity to have a look at the guinea pig’s feet
and check for callouses or redness or swelling or any abnormality.

We message the shampoo in and make sure we have a nice soap and every
part is cleaned, especially around the back part here.

Now it’s time for rinsing.

Cutie is now going to be rinsed. All the soap has to come out of the
hair, and we start from the head down. We massage out the soap, until
the hair starts to feel squeaky clean. We don’t want to leave any soap
on her skin in case it irritates her.

She likes this.

Don’t forget to go underneath. Clean those armpits and those groin
areas, to clean up all that soap. Oh, yes, she’s nice and relaxed now.
She enjoys that.

She really likes that.

Always make sure you support the guinea pig so she feels pretty safe.
Cutie’s quite used to being bathed.

Okay, I think she’s about squeaky clean now. It’s time for drying.

Once Cutie is rinsed and nice and clean, we’re going to towel dry her.
Oh! She helps, too.

With the corner of a damp cloth, we’ll just gently wipe in her ears.
As you can see, her ears also need to be cleaned on a regular basis.
We’ll do the other side as well. She doesn’t particularly like that.

A nice gentle towel dry to get the worst of the wet off. From the back
and the shoulders all the way down the body. And also under the belly,
needs to be dried.

With being a long-haired guinea pig, we keep Cutie’s hair cut short on
the end so it doesn’t crag on the ground and get too dirty. She
doesn’t need a hair cut today.

If it were a cold day, we would blow dry her with a hair dryer to make
sure she’s thoroughly dry. But today here in California it’s quite
warm. It’s about eighty degrees, so she’s pretty comfortable air
drying with a good towel dry as well.

There she is. She’s all clean.

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