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Cat Pwned by Pillow [VIDEO]

An albino wallaby is seen in its enclosure at a private zoo … – Yahoo…
I’ve always been fascinated with albino animals. Wallaby, eh? Perhaps they should name it Rocko! How I miss that show.

The weirdest animals on Planet Earth – Telegraph
From the page: "The long eared jerboa is a nocturnal mouse-like rodent found in the deserts of China and Mongolia. It has a long tail, long legs and extremely large ears.&quot

King Of The Jungle – random images – moonbuggy
A cat is always a cat.

tiny turtle on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Nature is amazing …

Let’s not forget baby bats …

Parrot takes charge of new owners | Stuff.co.nz
That’s why animals are awesome, they have character.

Fail Dogs &Their Adorable Friends & Swimming The Dog

Lost dog Muffy found after nine years apart from owners – mirror.co.uk
Cute, they found their dog!

Baby sloth rescued on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

From the page: "Don’t let its cuteness fool you. It may be small now, but in a few short years it will become a ferocious man-eater! "

BBC NEWS | UK | England | New home for blind dog and guide
A new home has been found for a blind border collie and his very own guide dog which were both found on a country road in Suffolk.

The dogs, who have been named Bonnie and Clyde