Wild Baby Otter Pup and Mom!

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Wow, a rare view of a day old wild otter pup and his mom in a protected tide pool outside the Monterey Bay Aquarium…with schoolkids crowding the railing looking down, visitors ooohed and ahhed at how impossibly cute this fluff-puff took a baby swim, paddling and eeking loudly with excitement as mommy washed herself off. Taking a nap in the calm warm pool, mommy otter cuddled, groomed and caressed her newborn babe who snuggled deep into it’s mom’s warm neck. Later, mom got hungry and, using her rudder-like tail, swam towards the waterfall exit, slipped baby down the slide, and went into the wintery waters in search of food. Please help save our Southern Sea Otters, who need lots of help from you, and from all who care about the love of otters.

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